Company History

In 1968, Aries Promotions, a marketing and placement agency, was established to fill the manpower requirements of the rapidly developing Middle East construction boom. The company endeavored to promote the skills and competence of Filipino engineers and construction workers to countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ; thus, Aries Promotions became one of the pioneers in the Philippine Service Providers Industry.

Throughout the next ten years, the agency deployed thousands of Filipino workers who met the high professional standards required by their employers. In 1978, one of the stalwarts of Aries Promotions, Alfonso Uy Ng, observing the high demand and increasing popularity of Filipino singers and dancers in Asia , established 10th Story Placement Agency, Inc. While the new firm concentrated on providing talented Filipino entertainers to Japan , Singapore , and Malaysia , it maintained its core business of seeking out and sending contract workers to the Middle East .

During the Eighties, 10th Story Placement Agency continued to expand the scope of its business, providing entertainment professionals to the rest of Southeast Asia , and increasing its territory to cover the personnel staffing requirements of Guam and Spain as well.

And in the 1990s, the service provider experts of 10th Story Placement Agency provided even more jobs for Filipinos wishing to try their luck abroad. This time, the doors of Hong Kong , Taiwan , and South Korea were opened for Filipino factory workers and domestic helpers.

The dedication and conviction of the 10th Story Placement Agency, in its mission of providing the best Filipino professionals with the best jobs in the world, has not gone unnoticed by the government body responsible for all Overseas Filipino Workers. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, in December 2002, awarded and recognized 10th Story Placement Agency as "one of the top agencies responsible for the continued promotion of the competence of Filipinos, and thereby creating employment opportunities for Filipino workers".

This year, 10th Story Placement Agency celebrates the achievement of having successfully deployed over 100,000 Overseas Filipino Workers in dozens of countries across the globe. And this great achievement will only serve as a stronger inspiration for 10th Story Placement Agency, as it continues its efforts in ensuring that the Filipino worker obtains the best possible career opportunities, worldwide!